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Current weather in Socorro New Mexico

Feb 12, 2016 - Fri
Socorro, US
Wind 4 mph, NNE
Humidity 24%
Pressure 637.79 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
fri feb 12
67/31°F 4 mph, NNE 24% 637.79 mmHg
sat feb 13
58/34°F 4 mph, S 32% 636.76 mmHg
sun feb 14
55/37°F 5 mph, N 34% 634.63 mmHg
mon feb 15
54/42°F 5 mph, NW - 627.38 mmHg
tue feb 16
52/31°F 4 mph, NE - 628.67 mmHg

Socorro Weather History

Socorro’s latitude and altitude combine to give it a pleasant year-round climate. Socorro is just far enough south to be spared many of the storms that often touch northern New Mexico. Its elevation of approximately 4,585 feet spares us the extreme heat. The altitude also provides four distinct but temperate seasons.

Socorro summer high temperature averages are in the mid 90s, with no more than 20 days when the temperature reaches over 100F. Winter high temperature averages are in the mid 50s, and winter nights seldom drop to 0F.

Socorro’s low average humidity, little cloud cover, and valley location encourage formation of significant atmospheric stable layers. Normally during the day, air temperature decreases with altitude, but after a clear, calm night, the air next to the ground becomes cooler than the air above.



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